Legal notices

Terms and conditions of sale



The hire company undertakes:

l not to hire equipment to any minor under the age of 12 unless he/she is accompanied by

an adult.

l to ensure that each participant certifies on their honour that they can swim 25 metres and

are capable of going underwater.

l to inform the hirer of all his obligations, which are set out below.


The hirer undertakes personally and on behalf of all the participants whom he/she represents,


l ensure that everyone can swim 25 metres and is capable of going underwater.

l ensure that everyone wears a buoyancy aid and shoes without laces or straps throughout

the time spent on the water.

l ensure that all the equipment concerned by this contract is returned to the hire company

in its original condition.

l state that he has taken out a public liability insurance policy which is valid on the day of

the equipment hire.

l state that there is no physical reason why he/she should not take part in the activity.

l state that he/she has read the internal rules made available to him/her by the hire company,

describing any dangers, difficulties and regulations relating to the journey.

l ensure that he/she does not go on the water with a child aged under 6 (or the minimum

age stipulated in the regulations and specific local administrative provisions), that he/she is

not wearing boots and clothing fitted with elastic ties or straps, that he/she will not leave

boating equipment or rubbish along the route, and that he/she will not attempt to enter

private property alongside the route, access to which is prohibited.

l accept that any photos in which he/she figures may be used by the hire company for

business purposes only and that the latter may not sell them.

l refund to the hirer the cost of any equipment that is lost or badly damaged, in accordance

with the unit prices set out in the table below:

Canoe: 520€ / Kayak: 410€ / Buoyancy aid: 40€ / Drum: 35€

Kayak Paddle: 40€ / Canoe Paddle: 25€ / Shoes: 10€ / Helmet: 15€

Wetsuit: 55€