Escape in Canoe Kayak on the Herault 13km: 4 H + 10 years

Escape in Canoe Kayak on the Herault 13km: 4 H + 10 years

Canoë-kayak Montpellier Hérault

Saint Bauzille de Putois


4h - 13 km downhill
1 ADULT 50€ + 10 years
1 KAYAK 1 PLACE 28€ adult or child over 10 years old
1 ATS-SPORT ADHÉRENT -5€ -5€/canoë sur présentation du mail ats


Description of the course Evasion 13km (Course 7km Sports + Course 6km Family)

The originality of the 13km Evasion Course is the sequence of the 7km Sports course followed by the 6km Parcours Détente. The Canoe Base of the Suspended Bridge located in the middle of the course, you will have the opportunity to use our infrastrucutres for your lunch pose! Suspended Bridge Snack, Picnic Area, Tables, Toilet, BBQ ...

First part :

The 7 km sports course, from Ganges to Saint Bauzille de Putois will make you discover an atypical environment.

Ok, we take his paddle and we embark for 7 kms downhill canoe kayak.

 At first the Herault is narrow, the descent begins with two small rapids. You are refreshed. Now the river widens, the vegetation takes over. The greenery is omnipresent, you sail on a calm water level, a succession of small currents will take you to the lake of the medieval village of Laroque. If you look at the bottom of the river you will see the mother rock. Impressive rock slabs, shaped by the erosion of the current.

Come on, you chose the sports course, we attack the hostilities ...

The crossing of the Laroque slide is approaching, synonymous with the beginning of the rapids. The frame will change, the river is tightened, the vegetation fades, the rock takes over. You arrive at the big S, the most impressive passage of the course. We pass one boat after another, with a lot of speed. After an intimate passage under trees you will arrive at the entrance of the gorges of the Hérault. Open your eyes wide, the show is great. Cliffs, large slabs of rocks that plunge into the river. The perfect place to take a break, swim, have a picnic, sunbathe.

Continuing the descent, the environment changes. There is vegetation and an enlarged river to a final fast before the Suspended Bridge.

Second party :

The 6km Relaxation Course, from Saint Bauzille de Putois to Le Moulin Aubanel Brissac is the best course available to you. A treed course and in full nature.

A tree course is offered to you on the entire descent. The course is in full nature. No artificial presence.

You are in harmony with nature. Many beaches are available to you for the lunch break and nap that is de rigueur during this kind of outings.

There are several places to swim safely. Access by car is difficult and there will not be many people along the banks.

On arrival, our team of professionals and canoe enthusiasts welcomes you.

No need to refit your canoe, we take care of it!

Our shuttles leave every ten minutes to return to base and your car.

How it works

Progress of your descent of the Hérault with Canoë34 The Suspended Bridge

  1. Reservation at 04 67 73 11 11, email or on our online ticket office. 
  2. Welcome on our base of canoe in Saint Bauzille de Putois and edition of your lease.
  3. Payment by Credit Card, Check, Cash, Chèques Vacances
  4. Security briefing and explanation of your course.
  5. Delivery of your Equipment (Vest, Can, Paddle, Helmets ...)
  6. Transfer by minibus to your departure following the course (7km, 9km, 13km). 6km directly from our base.
  7. You make your descent on the day with picnic.
  8. Return by shuttle at the time of your choice.
  9. You go home having had an excellent trip with family or friends.


  • Canoe or kayak equipment depending on the chosen route
  • Helmet - (Course 7km and 13km high part)
  • Safety jacket
  • Single or double paddle of your choice
  • Can to put your belongings and your picnic
  • The tightness of cans is not 100% guaranteed - (Do not carry valuables, you have free lockers at the reception)
  • Loan loan (free) at the beginning and end of the season
  • Part of our equipment is renewed every year and complies with European safety standards.

Good to know

  • Booking is recommended
  • To be over 11 years old
  • Know how to swim 25 meters
  • Wear a lifejacket
  • Closed shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Spare clothes
  • Drinks and picnic
  • Mandatory eyeglass
  • Free instructions for keys and valuables at the reception
  • Paid waterproof wallet for camera and phone

Meeting place

Canoë34 "Le Pont Suspendu" | Chemin des Sauzèdes
34190 Saint Bauzille de Putois
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